Meet our Broker of Record
Christopher (Chris) Seepe, Broker of Record, Aztech Realty Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Chris Seepe


 Chris specializes in:

buying and selling of income-generating and multiresidential investment properties
development and programming of new and existing retail plazas
science and technology-related specialty uses such as laboratories, data centres, and call centres
Finding locations for tenants (search mandate)


Chris has over 30 years of executive-level business experience and can provide business model investment analysis services, go-to-market strategies, real estate business plan implementation, and sophisticated marketing campaigns for tenant searches and property leases/sales.

Before entering real estate, Chris worked in various technical, marketing, and business capacities for companies including American Express, Geac Software Systems, and Honeywell Information Systems. More recently he worked at the forefront of the geospatial technology industry as General Manager of Web Mapping Services – bringing the Google Earth Enterprise relationship to Canada, and pioneering the development of geo-referenced 3D building model cityscapes from aerial imagery.

We provide a variety of services, some fairly unique to our firm, others that you might find only in a large commercial brokerage.

In addition to our commercial realtor tenant representation and commercial brokerage services, our commercial Ontario real estate expertise has been called upon to determine current market values and lease rates for properties, identify missing strategic locations for existing chain portfolios ('in-fill'), locate prospective sites close to their target demographics, create position papers to defend a lease situation, and other custom services.   Below are some projects on which we have been retained.




Property Valuation - Market Assessment - international bank

The seller wanted to know the market value of the property and building they were contemplating selling. We used the Income Approach of fair market lease rates for ground floor, second floor and basement, and the Direct Comparison Approach (to 8 other properties) to determine a recommended selling price.

Income-generating Property Investment Search, Analysis & Recommendations

Investor-Buyer wanted to use the equity in their free-and-clear (no mortgage) primary residence to invest in an income-generating property. They asked for a recommendation on one or more income-generating properties that fit their investment criteria and the consequent price they should offer, based on net operating income and cash flow. An in-depth search was conducted, and a highly detailed analysis was performed on the most promising candidate, including gross income, expenses, closing costs, land transfer taxes, CMHC premium, debt servicing, cash flow, multiple mortgages, cap rates, many financial ratios, all part of a comprehensiove 14-page spreadsheet.

Local Area Gross/Net Rent Assessment - international fast food burger company - company-owned Mississauga location

The landlord renting to an international fast food restaurant chain (corporate-owned location in Mississauga) demanded a substantial increase in net rent when prevailing market rates were dropping due to a nation-wide depression. An assessment commissioned by the landlord failed to find appropriate comparables to the subject property, including especially drive-through capability. This assessment determined that market lease rates were notably lower than landlord was asking for.

Local Area Gross/Net Rent Assessment - international fast food burger company - franchisee-owned Scarborough location

The landlord renting to an international fast food restaurant chain (franchisee-owned location in Scarborough) demanded an increase in net rent. The franchisee observed that the increase was not sustainable by the current revenue stream. It was determined that the location was part of a high-traffic "destination" mall and the asking rent was reasonable. We speculated (but did not confirm) that the demographics of the mall customers had changed dramatically over the years since the franchisee's location was opened, and that the new customer demographic was not suitable to the resturant's product offerings.

Strategic Location Search - international fast food sandwich franchisee

Franchisee wanted to know where all the high schools (public and Catholic) and post secondary educational institutions (private and public colleges, and universities) were within the greater Toronto area. We then identified clusters of these schools and cross-referenced them against existing franchise locations to determine what areas were not represented and therefore identify propsective new locations.

Car and truck rental map  


Strategic Location Search - international car & truck rental company

International car and truck rental head office wanted to identify all the airports, new car dealerships, body shops (target customers), and car rental competitors in Ontario. We then overlayed all of the company's existing locations and identified clusters of target customers (and existing competitor locations) to determine desirable areas for possible new locations.




Local Area Gross/Net Rent Assessment - independent convenience store operator

Tenant challenged the substantial increase in the amount of their lease rate as their lease was due to expire. This assessment determined that market lease rates were notably lower than landlord was asking for. The case went before an arbitrator, and we were called in as an expert witness. The case was settled in favour of the tenant.



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