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A common theme among the many testimonials at the bottom of this page ...
You don't know what you don't know

Why take this course (or any course)? Knowledge Minimizes Risk

"I can almost guarantee that if you don't know Ontario residential tenancy law
you will become a victim of it." -
Chris Seepe

What is 'Landlording'

Landlording’ isn’t a verb but it ought to be. I define it as everything involved from finding an income-generating property (very difficult in today’s market), to managing its operation, protecting yourself against tenant abuse and government bias, setting up property legal and accounting structures, embracing the power of digital management, and ultimately extracting  value to finance the next property.



Who Can Benefit From This Course

This course is for would-be and first-time investors, realtors unfamiliar with commercial investment properties, property managers wanting to better understand the owner's perspective, and existing real estate investors who want to increase the value of their property and maximize their return on investment.




What I Achieved and Why You Can Too

I didn't have any special benefits, a silver spoon, financial gift, insider information, or any other 'head start' that gave me a preferential advantage over any other investor or realtor. Anyone with some ambition, a tolerance for low-to-medium risk, drive, perseverance, determination, common sense and patience can duplicate what I did. I left a 35-year career in I.T. when I realized I wouldn’t be able to retire to the life to which I would like to become accustomed. I took $230,000 of equity from my average suburban home and bought my first 11-unit apartment building sixteen months later. You might need to start with a smaller nest egg but the mechanics, processes and numbers are otherwise the same. Within six years I owned two 12-plexes, one 11-plex, one 9-plex and two 6-plexes (56 units), and recovered all of the initial deposit originally secured by my home. I re-financed my first property (purchased 5 years earlier) to provide me with enough down payment to purchase my next 8- to 11-unit rental property. And I converted 'dead space' in two of the buildings to create two additional bachelor rental units.


What to Expect From this Course

No nonsense, no fluff -- just real world experiences, knowledge, skills and solid practical advice supported by home-grown hands-on analytical tools (see details further below) to empower you to make well-informed commercial investment property and ‘landlording’ decisions -- especially properly assessing market value, structuring opportunities so they can be financed, assessing upside potential of an investment property, and managing buyer/seller expectations during negotiations. This course is a firsthand account that focuses on residential rental investment properties (single family home to multi-unit) but applies significantly to retail properties and to a lesser extent to office, industrial, institutional and other types of investment properties.   


Your Time Commitment

 The course is separated into two parts. The first covers 'Finding and Analyzing an Investment Property.' The second covers 'Managing Your Property While Increasing Value'. You can register for only the first or only the second (and register for the other at a later date), or register for both, which will be taught back-to-back. See the registration section further below.


If you're going to invest hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of your hard-earned dollars, then six Saturdays is not a lot of time to ensure that you minimize as many risks as possible.



 Testimonials from registrants of prior classes can be found at the bottom of this page.


Course 1 - Finding and Analyzing an Investment Property - Topics Covered Include:  

To be or not to be a landlord – the pros and cons 

Key questions to ask before wasting time touring a property

Deeply analyzing a property’s cash flow potential

Understanding what capitalization rate is and isn’t

Understanding true return on, and return of, investment

Getting past the financing clause – what the lenders demand. Why a multi-millionaire might still not get financing from a mainstream lender

How do you determine what the cap rate should be?

Avoiding the house of cards of over-leveraged property

Planning for the inevitable increase in interest rate (and consequent equity reduction)

Understand MPAC’s new multi-res tax assessment methodology and self-compute your anticipated MPAC assessed value

Creative alternatives when obstacles arise in traditional financing

Course 2 - Managing Your Property While Increasing Value - Topics Covered Include:  

Analyzing Ontario's new Standard (Form of) Lease and understanding its significant implications on landlording, including guarantors

Reviewing the 72 clauses I use and which were missed or ignored by the Ontario government
Dealing with No Smoking policy and the new cannabis legislation

Structuring your digital and paper file folders

Acquiring a property is one-fifth of real estate success. Learn about the other four 'Pillars of Landlording' critical success factors.

The number one tenant issue for landlords and what to do about it - how to qualify tenants properly or suffer badly

Review of the many notable changes to the Residential Tenancies Act throughout 2017

LTB – Landlord and Tenant Board or ‘Landlords To Blame’?

Substantially reduce paper handling - collect rents and pay bills digitally (cheques are huge time wasters), tips and tricks for scanning documents and digital file-naming conventions to find anything later

Computing resources and tools I use to maintain a fully-functioning one-person operation

Set up bank accounts to properly track pre- and after-tax money

Which energy conservation initiatives are viable

Uncommon methods to increase equity and value 

Auto-file your emails

Setting up your bookkeeping chart of accounts

Extracting value to finance the next property

Your property’s website

My ‘Antikythera Principle’


Each registrant receives access to the "Members Only" section of this website, which includes
editable copies of the following:
Aztech Realty Landlording in Ontario real estate course - handouts

Click on the image above to see a screen capture image of a small portion of the "Members Only" section of the website, which contains all the handouts for the course
  Course 1 - Finding and Analyzing an Investment Property
  My highly-refined, proprietary analysis Excel spreadsheet including extras:
   -   mortgage calculation tables for determining cash flow
   -   auto-populating rent receipt
   -   Suite metering energy consumption analysis and log
  MS-Word format and text digital copies of:
   -   78 clauses to add as an appendix to your Standard (Form of) Lease
       Summary of topics
   -   Field-fillable rental application form with PIPEDA-compliant tenant consents
   -   Pets Agreement
   -   Tenant qualification list
   -   Janitor Agreement
   -   Property Manager Agreement
  Separate Guarantor Agreement (can't prosecute guarantors at the LTB)
  Separate Parking Space Rental Agreement (not subject to rent control)
  Agreement of Purchase & Sale (APS) clauses I use
  Capitalization (Cap) Rate Guide
  Tenant Confirmation Letter (Estoppels Letter) for Due Diligence
  Tax consultant presentation of "Understanding Canadian Taxation of Real Estate Properties"
  Course 2 - Managing Your Property While Increasing Value
    Property Master spreadsheet for tracking:
  -   key tenant information
  -   current rent
  -   rent increases
  -   laundry income
  -   electricity consumption by unit
  -   tenant rent receipts for tax purposes
Spreadsheets and tools to assess the viability of property enhancements (eg. business cases for suite metering, LED bulbs vs incandescent, toilet upgrades, pros & cons of solar power, etc.)
  Rent Reconcilliation spreadsheet (confirm payments made by different methods)
  Laundry income and electricity meter reading data entry form
  15+ Word-version letters to tenants addressing a wide variety of common issues
  Digital folder file structure I use for tracking all property documents of every kind
  Highly detailed Fire Safety Plan
  Canadian Construction Cost Guide
  Renovation Estimating & Budget Guide
  New Tenant Letter of Introduction
   -   PM contact info
   -   rent collection policy
   -   business case for onnline rent payment
   -   policy for annual
rent top up and payment of interest on LMR
  Smoke and CO Alarm Tenant Acknowledgement Form
  Tenant Application and Screening Checklist
  Move-in/out Inspection Form

Video Samples from Previous Course (Sept. 2018)

Why might a multi-millionaire be denied a loan to buy an investment property?
(2 minutes, 22 seconds)"

Why do lenders want 30% down payment now rather than the traditional 25%? (1 minute, 20 seconds)


NOI doesn’t tell you about potential capital cost repairs.
(42 seconds)

The most important financial ratios Seepe uses to make a purchase decision.
The abbreviations Seepe mentions are BER for Break Even Ratio and PCF meaning Price-to-Cash Flow ratio. (1 minute, 0 seconds)

Seepe predicts that the rental condo market will collapse in 3 to 5 years. (6 minutes, 21 seconds)


How CMHC purposely undervalues a property to substantially increase their mortgage insurance premium. (2 minutes, 31 seconds)


Course Schedule and Options

  Saturdays, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (6 hours + 1 hour break)
Price Start Date
 Course 1+2 6 consecutive Saturdays - includes all course handouts
06 full days 36 hours $720.00 + HST Sat. Jan. 19/19
 Course 1 3 consecutive Saturdays
(Note: price includes analysis spreadsheet but does not include   all other course handouts)
03 full days 18 hours $390.00 + HST Sat. Jan. 19/19
   Course 2 3 consecutive Saturdays - starts the week after Course 1 ends
(Note: price includes analysis spreadsheet but does not include   all other course handouts)
03 full days 18 hours $390.00 + HST Sat. Feb. 09/19
  Course Handouts
Don't attend any courses, purchase handouts only including one license copy of 'Property Analysis' and 'Master Property' spreadsheets, MS-Word version of Standard Lease Agreement with Appendix B clauses, separate Guarantor and Parking Space Agreements and 40+ other documents. n/a n/a $315.00 + HST n/a
Ontario Standard Lease MS-Word version of Standard Lease Agreement with Appendix B clauses and separate Guarantor and Parking Space Agreements only. n/a n/a See
  Landlording in Ontario book is a superset of all the material taught in the course. The book was published in May 2017 Purchase online here:



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   Preferred Course * Check One
  Course 1 + 2 ..... 6 Consecutive Saturdays (includes handouts)
  Course 1 only .... 3 Consecutive Saturdays (includes handouts)
  Course 2 only .... 3 Consecutive Saturdays (includes handouts)
  Handouts ONLY (no course attendance)
  Standard Lease Appendix clauses ONLY - one license
    Standard Lease Appendix clauses ONLY - Unlimited use by one property manager for all their property owner clients


Other Information:
     Free parking

     Bring your own laptop computer if you wish to take notes

          Bullet-form notes will be provided after the end of each class


          1 hour

          Lunchroom available, bring your own lunch if you wish

          Microwave oven available for use

          Two vending machines available

          Two local restaurants are across the street, A&W is a 5-minute walk

     Access to class handouts and spreadsheets are provided upon receipt of registration fee

     Limited seating - maximum 18 students per sesssion

     Classroom facilities must be paid in advance and they don’t offer a refund. Therefore, I can’t offer a refund once you’ve paid.

     However, you can make up a missed class(es) by attending a future session.

     ‘Acts of God’ or my inability to teach a class due to illness extends the class date to the following Saturday

     Refund Exceptions:

          I can’t teach the course

          There aren’t enough registrants for a particular session that you’ve requested


      Centre for Security Training & Management
      1527 Warden Avenue, Unit 06
      Toronto, ON, M1R 4Z8

      NOTE: The front door is locked before 8:30 am and after 9:00 am on weekends.

Landlording in Ontario (Canada) Course - map of location

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Christopher (Chris) Seepe, Broker of Record, Aztech Realty Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Course Instructor:
Chris Seepe

About Chris Seepe

Commercial real estate broker of record specializing in multi-residential and retail investment properties

Owner and hands-on operator of six multi-residential investment properties (totaling 54 units) ... and growing

6th year as president of the Landlords Association of Durham

Well-published in several national real estate print magazines with many articles on investment and ‘landlording’ topics, plus two TV interviews

Regular guest speaker and panel member for real estate-related events including local government initiatives like the Hoarders’ Coalition and the Smoke-free Multiresidential Owners Group (SMOG)

35+ years in I.T. marketing before entering real estate. Built software publishing company from $16,000 investment to $10 million sales in six years, resulting in Initial Public Offering and winning the Canadian Government’s 1996 Canada Export Award

Ontario Canada Landlord manifesto   Ontario Private Sector Rental Housing Landlord Manifesto
This Landlord Manifesto is a written statement of the beliefs, aims, intentions, motives, views and policies that set out the collective understanding of what it means to be a private sector residential rental property landlord investing and operating in the province of Ontario, Canada.

  • "I just wanted to extend my appreciation on both the content and your real-life delivery on this course. I have been in the Real Estate industry for over 20 years and as a Broker of Record for about 10 years. I always tell new and seasoned agents that you never stop learning in life, and this course is a perfect example. Two thumbs up and money well spent." -- Gianfranco Locantore, Broker of Record, Vaughan, ON (February 19, 2017)


  • "This is an excellent quantitative and qualitative look at residential multi-unit landlording in Ontario. Chris is the rare example of an agent with great analytical skills who has actually invested in properties and lived with the challenges of these businesses. His Property Purchase Analysis spreadsheet is very complete, and can also be used to study other asset classes like plazas, single family homes, offices, and industrial buildings. Chris has a nice relaxed presentation style and I enjoyed my time in class." -- Thomas Bollum, Commercial Broker, Toronto, ON (January 31, 2017).


  • "One single class was worth the price of admission. My expectations were exceeded by the end of the first class.  Before then, I didn’t even know, what I didn’t know!  Chris’s book “Landlording in Ontario” has become my bible for multi-family real estate investing.  Chris’s course and book provided the knowledge to help me make an informed decision and the confidence to proceed down the multi-family investing path.  Thank you Chris! " -- Paul Vella, Property Owner, Toronto, ON (July 07, 2017).


  • "As a Real Estate investor with over 20 properties I was not sure if I could learn anything from this course. However, I was so wrong. Right from the beginning this course was loaded with insightful information on landlording and what it actually means to be a landlord (cons vs pros). The course lays the foundation for making real estate investing a long term wealth-creation strategy and, no, it does not provide a magic formula for any get-rich-quick scheme. It was great to have a course done by a Canadian real estate investor like Chris who has hands-on experience and knows what he is talking about. Chris was funny, energetic and knowledgable, providing helpful insights on the [real estate] industry and landlording.  I participated in many courses and meet-ups before [taking Chris's course] but none of them ever went into such depth in analyzing numbers, markets, potential issues with tenants, and so on. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about their future [in becoming a residential landlord] and want to invest in real estate with knowledge (as opposed to just gambling by buying properties for appreciation). Even if you decide not to invest in real estate after what you have learnt, it would be the best investment of your money to avoid making a mistake and investing in a property that could lose money and the consequent terrible stress." -- Alex Pomeransky, Property Owner, Richmond Hill, ON (May 13, 2017)


  • "Chris Seepe's class should be prerequisite learning for anyone considering multiresidential real estate investment in Ontario. The classes were well-paced, well-taught and full of valuable information and knowledge. The handouts are some of the most analytical and thorough tools I've ever seen. They helped me tremendously in my purchase of an apartment building in Ontario. I recommend this course 100%! " -- Jing Wang, Property Owner, Richmond Hill, ON (April 14, 2018)


  • "I’m not exaggerating when I say you are an incredible breath of fresh air when it comes to property managers. You have a skill set in this sandbox that is almost unprecedented in my 10+ years investing. Any time you want  a referral, please feel free to pass along my name." -- Tyler Pearson, Property Owner, Markham, ON (July 21, 2016)


  • "This course is a real eye opener for a new investor on foresighted challenges that I would have never expected. Thank you for the energy put into answering every question and ensuring the student [that the answer] was understood.  Keep up the great work, Chris." -- John Altinian, Property Owner, Aurora, ON (April 22, 2018)


  • "If anyone would like to know the what, when, who,where,why and how to become a landlord and perform as a landlord,this course is a must, with complete guidelines for those seeking help. The contents are normally NOT found in the conventional documents or available in books but can only be learnt from this Guru of Landlording." -- Rashed Butt, Realtor, Mississauga, ON (June 12, 2016)


  • "Being fairly new in this industry, this intense course has taught me what to watch for in purchase agreements, creative ways to get financing, and safe guards to not over extend yourself. Getting the right tenants can make or break you.  Chris's lease and creative [tenant selection] ideas weed out bad prospects. I was also able to learn from fellow classmates and their experiences as well as networking.   I feel I am ready to go to the next level after taking this course." -- Greta Vandyk, Property Owner, Port Perr, ON (June 16, 2016)


  • "Knowing Chris before the course I knew this would be a good learning expeirence and went for it despite knowing that I will not be able to attend all classes. Not a disappointment, even if I do not get to catch up on missed Saturdays, I have gained many insights on being a better landlord myself.

1. The course is very comprehensive, with attention to every detail.

2. The spreadsheet for analysis and managing a property by itself makes the course worthwhile, but it is greatly enhanced by explanations and hands-on scenarios discussed in class

3. Getting to ask questions and listening to others' questions answered was also great

4. Learning different and much more practical approaches to common issues

5. Being in a like-minded environment and being given the chance to network


This is a much better course than what you can learn in any school or similar institution!" -- Calin Alexandrescu, Property Owner, King City, ON (June 24, 2016)


  • "This is an excellent course for any landlords-to-be, commercial and residential real estate practitioners, and anyone with money to invest in real estate.  The topics discussed are in-depth, relevant, and covers all the 'what if' scenarios a landlord, property manager, or real estate agent may encounter when dealing with a tenant and an investment property. When it comes to sharing his personal experiences in his landlording career, Chris doesn't hold back. His anecdotes are memorable and smart, and could really save you money, and perhaps your skin too.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course: great content, experienced and candid instructor, enlightening group discussions, & spreadsheets!" -- William Cheng, Realtor, Markham, ON (June 24, 2016)


  • "Through the 'Landlording' in Ontario Course, Chris teaches all aspects of the multi-unit residential real estate investment lifecycle, ranging from property analysis and acquisition to the management of the property.  Chris's teaching style of 'telling it like it is' without the sugar-coat would be appreciated by those who genuinely seek to learn.  Compiled through years of practical landlording experience, the unique lessons are delivered in language that is easy to understand by everyone.  Every question, simple or complex, is answered in detail.  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced real estate investor, this course is highly recommended and a worthwhile investment." -- Emilio Fong, Investor, Toronto, ON (June 24, 2016)


  • "Great overview – as someone who came in to this with essentially no ... experience (but lots of questions), I found the course extremely helpful " -- Ronny Zhang, Property Owner Courtice, ON (August 08, 2016)


  • "If you are considering purchasing a multi-residential property in Ontario this course is a must. Chris takes you through all of the aspects of the business, from procuring and screening tenants to the financial aspects of the business. His background in real estate and practical experience, dealing with his own investment properties provides you with insight that you will not receive from any other source." -- Peter Hanebury, Property Owner, Pickering, ON (October 21, 2016)


  • "Chris Seepe is full of useful information. The attention to detail is impressive, and he delivers the information with a hint of humour, which is always refreshing and keeps the class fun and entertaining. It's well worth the investment." -- Joe Bianchi, Realtor, Peel, ON (October 22, 2016)


  • "Thank you, Chris, for this course and for offering me the opportunity to take it. In the past, I have taken several other property management courses. This course is by far the best " -- Nicholas Z, Realtor, Toronto, ON (October 23, 2016)


  • "Chris you did a fantastic job at opening my eyes to the rewards and challenges of Landlording in Ontario. The course was fun. Content delivered with energy and a great sense of humor...or lack thereof...LOL...I think all Landlords in this province should be taking your course. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge and your experience. It was an amazing 6 x Saturdays that I [will] not forget. Time well spent! Keep me posted on part 2 of Landlording course and your book release!" -- Jacqué Turnbull, Mortgage Broker & Property Owner, Toronto, ON (October 27, 2016).


  • "The Landlording course was an eye opener for me. Not only did I learn more about how to be a 'viable' landlord in this pro-tenant environment, but also how to evaluate and the RIGHT way to invest in multi-residential real estate ... just like an old wise man from the old ages said, "Gold clingeth to the protection of the cautious owner who invests it under the advice of men wise in its handling". (Taken from the book, "The richest man in Babylon.") I implore anyone wanting to invest in commercial and multi-res RE to take this course before spending a dime. Chris is knowledgeable, shares real life experiences and has the portfolio to back it up." -- Lloyd Nyasvimbo, Property Owner, Ajax, ON (October 28, 2016).


  • "Chris is generous sharing his experience, processes and templates for investing and property management.  A truly worthwhile investment.  The knowledge you gain will repay your investment of time and money many times over." -- Helen Ehlers, Property Owner, Ajax, ON (October 28, 2016).


  • "Chris taught, and shared with us, his  knowledge, wisdom and experience in investing in multiresidental properties. Nobody in Ontario is teaching a step by step course like him. He walks the talk from start to finish. I highly recommend anybody interested in investing in real estate to take this course and benefit from him. What you will learn from this course is priceless. Thanks Chris for teaching this course. I wish you all the best." -- Konesh Arunasalam, Realtor, Brampton, ON (November 12, 2016).


  • "I appreciate everything you've taught me. After being in the multi residential business for more than twenty years. You've taught me to never stop learning. Thank you for sharing knowledge. It will definitely make me more successful." -- Steven Butera, Property Owner, Niagara Falls, ON (February 20, 2017).


  • "Thank you for everything you have taught me and thank you sharing your experience. As a real estate agent who started this business less then 2 years ago, you have equipped me with the right knowledge and tools to be an asset for my clients. Everything you shared with us was relevant and useful. I was a bit hesitant when I signed up for your course but it was the best decision I have made so far for my business and personal growth." -- Majid Lodhi, Realtor, Markham, ON (February 21, 2017).


  • "Chris, thanks so much for the courses ... the knowledge obtained will be invaluable and very useful ... I know you care to do the best for others and yourself in the Landlording business." -- Ian Gifford, Property Owner, Toronto, ON (February 21, 2017).


  • "Chris has managed to consolidate and share in six weeks a knowledge base about landlording that has taken him years to learn.  That knowledge has come about by his actual hands-on-experience combined with his technical knowledge and expertise.  The course has given us many tools that will prove to be invaluable for anyone looking at becoming a landlord or currently feeling the growing pains with a purchase they may have made.  The course takes you through all the key stages: preliminary pre-purchase analysis, analysis of expenses, gathering and storing key information and properly using the information to control the expenses and future income earning stream of an investment property. Chris, you delivered the information with real life experiences, and your wacky sense of humour added to the learning experience [and] made it a fun time for all of us.  I highly recommend the two courses to any newbie or existing landlord wanting to learn the necessities of properly managing and operating a multiplex building. ... I know I speak for many others in our class: we wholeheartedly thank you for your generosity in sharing your wealth of knowledge.  Job well done ... not to mention ... your Landlording book is excellent.  Thank you for the great experience." -- Irene Kay, Realtor & Property Owner, Oshawa, ON (May 25, 2017). 


  • "The classes are very educational & informative. Your sharing of real landlording experiences has made this course invaluable and memorable. Analysis of multiunits in the current and past markets by running them through [your] property analysis spreadsheet plus the interactive nature of the class made the training very unique. What really stood out for me was your easy-to-approach personality coupled with your willingness to be open and uninhibited in sharing your systems, expense statements, balance sheets, [and] vendors. Learning from your firsthand experiences in sourcing, qualifying, negotiating and acquiring multiunits along with your penchant for details and thorough due diligence [was] the prized take-away for me. I certainly find myself better now than I was before taking the class. Thank you for the wonderful training ..." -- Srini Rao, Realtor & Property Owner, Toronto, ON (December 09, 2017). 


  • "Chris I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for having the opportunity to take your landlording course. I found the course very detailed with all the information you need to properly be an effective landlord. I really loved the fact that you provided us a detailed summary of each class, this allowed me to focus on your content as apposed to trying to take notes. As a realtor, I feel very confident to apply your information personally and to help my clients with any of their investment opportunities and tenant dealings. Overall I was really dialed in for every class and really learned a great deal. I look forward to reading your book which will give me much more details then the 38 hours of class time. Chris I would definitely recommned anybody considering to be a landlord to take your course. " -- Marco Cecatini, Realtor & Property Owner, Toronto, ON (December 28, 2017).


  • "Thank you for putting so much into your course. All business considerations aside, you are truly generous with your information and experience - the content depth illustrates this perfectly. Already I am applying some of the points you raised and look forward to implementing many more. The model you present in your course is a really good approach.  For beginners, the learning curve is steep.  But challenging and fun. I certainly will advise anyone who could benefit from the program to attend. " -- Gordon Campbell, Property Owner, Oakville, ON (December 09, 2017). 


  • "Thank you very much for [the] very interesting and useful course. It provided a lot of information [that] I didn’t’ realise I was missing. I appreciate the detail and practical real life examples. Thank you for being an inspiration. " -- Alexandra Cahill, Realtor, Toronto, ON (December 17, 2017).


  • "I enjoyed these classes with likeminded people; great networking and new skills are now under my belt. Highly recommended . " -- Monique Marleau, Property Owner, Toronto, ON (December 14, 2017).


  • "Thank you very much for conducting this course. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it and I believe this course is truly worth a lot more than what I paid for it. I'm not sure if I would have figured out so much all on my own. So thank you for making [landlording] seem doable and [for] sharing your experiences. I quite liked how you structured different sets of information for every class. I believe everyone who wishes to buy multi-family apartment buildings and run [them] should certainly take your class. ​I highly recommend this program to anyone who is unsure if they should get into this type of an investment and also anyone who has multiple years of experience running such multi-family buildings. I'm sure they will learn things that they had no idea about. The most value-add I felt [I received] was to understand the type of buildings to go after, analyzing the financials, questions to assess a property, Chris' financial model (next to none in the industry), access to all the trades people you need for your business, understanding how to bring in efficiencies when a building is purchased, staying organized, and running a successful business to name a few. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions anyone may have about this course. I can be reached at 647-839-0381. Good luck!!" -- Priya Ramanathan, Realtor, Mississauga, ON (February 18, 2018). 


  • "Having read Chris Seepe''s book and participated in his course, I developed more confidence with analyzing properties. He explains the research and skill set needed in buying multi-residential properties. You will learn what to look for in hidden value and potential landmines. His information will improve your decision-making abilities in your pursuit of income-producing properties. I highly recommend both his book and course for anyone who wants to learn more about investing in real estate and landlording in Ontario. It will provide you with stronger fundamentals in this business, whether you are already a professional or just starting out." -- Patrick O'Connor, Property Owner, Toronto, ON (February 28, 2018).


  • Your article about ROI was the best I have ever read. You got it! Many investors fail to see the entire picture. As an investor/private lender/builder, I look at all aspects of the property. I especially look at the area. If it is on the outskirts of a build-up area. Sometimes you have to take a lower rent until the area builds up and the population increases. Anyway, well done." -- Fred Rankel, Real Estate Investor, Toronto, ON (March 09, 2018).


  • "These two courses far exceeded my already high expectations. Chris provided a wealth of practical resources, information and anecdotes which combined to produce a fascinating overview of landlording and residential commercial real estate issues. For someone who is easily bored, I was never at any time less than fully present throughout every day of class. Chris is a good presenter, sometimes humourous, with a good command of the classroom, and always well informed. It will take quite a while to work through all the information and resources he provided, which means his course will have a lasting impact on my landlording aspirations for a very long time to come. " -- Devorah Garland, Aspiring Real Estate Investor, Toronto, ON (April 27, 2018).


  • "I recently attended Chris Seepe’s landlord course and I was thoroughly educated as well as entertained. Chris has a wealth of knowledge and he enthusiastically shared it with everyone attending. I can honestly say without a doubt that it was well worth my time and money. I currently do not own an investment property but now I feel much more confident and plan to purchase my first in the next year." -- Ernie Guidoccio, Realtor, Toronto, ON (May 10, 2018).


  • "I just wanted to send you a quick "thank you" for the first useful ... article in REM [Real Estate Magazine] to literally nip the "Cannabis Legalization Issue" in the bud! There have been other articles that have skirted the issue, but you've been the first to combine it's legalization with the LTA and renters ... I appreciate the time you took to share your opinion in REM.  Your article truly is a fantastic one." -- Craig Watson, Property Owner, Burlington, ON (September 10, 2018).